- Sri Rama

This means that the mother and the place of birth are greater than the heaven we too have the same experience. While I am talking to you, my mind has already started

wandering around my birth place and mothers love. I feel like sharing a few of my memories about my village.I was born in Thotlavalluru, a village near Vijayawada. There were many fruit gardens in and around my village. Perhaps that might be the reason to name it as Thotlavalluru. River Krishna is passing through my village and merging with Bay of Bengal in about sixteen miles from my village. I will say a few words about Bhamaramba Mallikarjuna Temple of our village.

About three hundred years ago Sri Sivalenka Basavaiah and his family came from Srikalahasti and settled in our village . One day when he went to Srisailam on a Pilgrimage, where Lord Siva appeared in his dream and said “I am now living in a well in a grove of Jammi trees, as Mallikarjuna and Bhramaramba

in your village (Thotlavalluru). You take me out and build a temple. You will attain salvation after your life time” Sri Basavaniah came back to our village and lifted the Sivalingam and the goddess Bhramaramba in the presence of all villagers. He built a temple and dedicated all his property for the lord.

The Vishnu temple in our village was built by the Zamindar, Sri Nagannayudu in our village. The principal deity is Sri Venugopala Swamy. The other deities that are present are Rajalakshmi, Rukmini, Satyabhama and Hanuma. The temple has a tall tower with a height of 90 feet. From the tower we can view a Cluster of villages in a radius of thirty miles.

Our’s was a zamindari village. During late seventeenth century there were frequent battles between Britishers and other European nationals. In those times our Zamindar Nagannayudu helped Britishers by supplying bullocks for carrying food and weapons for their army. At the end Britishers were happy with his battle

services and made him Zamindar for our area. Since he has supplied bulls he was popularly known as ‘Edla Naganna’ (Bulls Naganna). After becoming a Zamindar Nagannayudu has built a big fort with tall and wide walls all around the fort and started ruling his territory under the Britishers.

There is a Rama Mandiram in our village established over hundred years ago. Every Saturday evening there used to be the bhajans between 6 p.m – 7 p.m. After Bhajans Vadapappu and Panakam are distributed. We celebrate every year Sri Rama Navami, the birth day of Sri Rama. Kalyanam and coronation functions are celebrated on that day. Christians and Muslims, also participate in those functions and dine with us. In the same way we too participate in their festive occations. In this manner seeds of secular hormoney and a state co existence were swon in our villagers.

Devotees say that my guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a big magnet. It proved true in my case, kindly listen.

About eighty years ago I was born in Thotlavalluru village. I was the last child to my parents late Sri Nori Suryanarayana and Seetamma. All my ancestors were scholars in Vedas and each one of them taught Vedas to three or four boys in their house under gurukulam pattern. Though my father learnt Vedas he chose teaching as his profession. My second brother Late Sri Nori Sreenatha Venkata Somayazulu was a scholar in sanscrit, Hindi, Telugu and retired as Head Master. He wrote over forty books on

Bhramha Sutras, Upanishads, Philosophy of Sri Adi Sankara etc.

Our village is situated on the banks of Krishna river in Krishna district. On the other banks of the river there is a village, Pidaparru. My adopted mother late Smt Chilukuru Syamalaba hails from this village, but settled down at Vijayawada. As she has no issues she adopted me as her son at my 10th year. Since then she has brought me up.

After my graduation I was pressurized to enter into service. As I had dreams to make business as my career, I declined to take up service. Since I do not have any traditional back up in business I tried several lines and finally took up the line of manufacturing paints for about forty years and settled in Chennai.

At my sixtieth year my guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa attracted me towards him. As a first step he made me to serve him with volunteer service at Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, Chennai for about three years. During this period he made me to make family partition for all my dependents. By the grace of God they are now living comfortably.

After completing all my family commitments he pulled me out of the family bondage and engaged me for the past eighteen years in his services such as spiritual practices, reading, writing books, services to poor and needy that are living in rural areas.

I am ever grateful to my parents Sri Nori Suryanarayana, Seetamma and my adopted mother Smt Chilukuru Symalamba and submit my pranams.

Sri Ramakrishna alone has sown the seeds of devotion in me, cultivated it with the water of zeal and grown the fruits of love. I prostrate at the lotus feet of Sri Ramakrishna paramahansa with love and devotion.

Paint factory at Chennai

Inaugration Of Resin's Factory

Process of Manufaturing Paints Picture1

Process of Manufaturing Paints Picture2

Inaugration of a Sales Depot at Vijayanagaram(AP)

Spritual Practices at Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam

Family Tree :
Nori Varu at Thotlavalluru

( Chilukuru Venkateswarlu, Who Was Adopted to Chilukuru Syamalamba , Pidaparru Guntur (dist) )


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